Damien Attard


Product Launcher & Security Geek

Studied a Bachelor of Business Information Systems and later a Masters in Multimedia. Worked in web development in Asia and Australia. In 2002, Damien setup ClickWize Multimedia Solutions to help small businesses market their products and services online. He builds brochure and eCommerce WordPress sites which include security, SEO and an overall on-line/off-line marketing strategy. A security geek at heart that spends his free time reading on hack trends and ways to improve site security. He recovers sites for clients which were hacked and were blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

He loves the challenge of creating affordable websites with good security. He regularly sits down with his clients and works out how to market themselves properly. He loves to deliver a full fledged product for market. Not just a website. What makes him go is the package part. How to make a business go from nothing into a popular place.


Damien is a full stack developer like most of his partners are. He takes care of:

  • Basic Design Work
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Social Media and Marketing Plans
  • Tutorials
  • Web Security
  • General IT Wizardry
  • Hosting

Best Work

Projects he is proud of are many, but a few he especially enjoyed were the creation of: