Website Design / Development

A website can offer Individuals, small to medium businesses, institutions, and organizations the promotion needed to expand their businesses and promote their brand, products and services. ClickWize’s can help you create the following website projects for your business;

  • Brochure Websites to display your products and servicesWebsite Design / Development
  • Landing Pages with basic information to show your customers
  • Self Managed Websites (CMS) for you to update the web site information yourself saving you money and time
  • Flash Banners, Advertisements and Games for extra interactivity with your customers
  • Upgrade your current web site with an improved interface, functionality, information for your customers

All of ClickWize’s CMS based web sites can be upgraded with additional features such as a web gallery, forms, online catalogs, custom flash advertisements / banners, search engine improvement and much more!
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Shopping Cart / eCommerce

01At ClickWize we have a range of eCommerce solution packages for you. Through our packages you are able to sell your products (digital and physical) and services online. Your site can accept payments from your customers using Paypal and all major credit cards 24/7.

With any of our eCommerce systems we include security for you and your customers alike, ensuring that all transactions are protected, be that consumer markets or business to business. This security will protect, logins, payments and checkouts. All protected customer data is encrypted for your and their safety using high level SSL certificates. Each of our packages have a range of functions and services which can be customized to your specific business. Contact us for further details.
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Graphic Design

Through ClickWize’s graphic design team we aim to improve your brand’s effectiveness and awareness. We have a large range of graphic design services, the most popular of which are listed below;

  • Business and Product Logos / Icons
  • Business Cards – single / double sided, custom shapes and layouts
  • Brochures, Restaurant Menus and Leaflets
  • Letterheads and business stationary etc..
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process to improve and optimise how a web site is ranked in Search Engines. The aim is to be well ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo for your specific keywords and terms.

How can we help to improve your web site’s SEO?

  • Choosing the appropriate Keywords
  • Great content
  • Update Regularly
  • Links
  • Social Websites
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If you have any project you need designed you can contact us for a no obligation free quote either using the quote option on our site or at