Web Design PackageWhat does eCommerce do?

  • eCommerce lets your customers make secure purchases online at anytime
  • With an online shop, you can sell and promote your products and services 24/7
  • It is easier to manage an online store than a physical store
  • Makes your products accessible to the entire online community rather than just locally
  • Securely takes payments for your products and services
  • Gives your brand and company a targeted image

How ClickWize can help

We research and identify your business type, product and target market. We then create a unique shopping cart website for you.

We create e-commerce shopping carts that are secure, easily-updateable and user-friendly for both you and your customers

While working on your system we also analyse your business and your competitors.

Our sites are customized to your particular style – from choosing the colours and themes to security and purchase processes and user testing

Through system reporting you can

  • keep track of stock and customers
  • Check customer buying patterns to know what should be stocked
  • Check which products are most popular at different times of the year (Xmas, Easter, Valentines day, etc…) and notify your suppliers
  • Reminders can be set for low stock

Start selling 24/7 today!

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