Web Developer and Partner

Jasper is the founder and owner of Imagewize Webdesign and Online Marketing for SME. A company he set up in Hong Kong in 2009 as a truly global and distributed company. He has been building great web apps with WordPress for 14+ years from different locations all over the world.

He is from Holland originally, lived in France, Denmark, Russia and Thailand. And now in Bahrain with his wife and son. Do check back here to see where he will be going to next! He loves creating online products and services, especially for startups and knows his content marketing and SEO well.


Jasper considers himself really all round like most of his global partners are. He takes care of:

  • Basic Design Work
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Hosting

But spends most of his time on Ecommerce (WooCommerce), SEO and Online Marketing when possible.

Best Work

Projects he is proud of are many, but a few he especially enjoyed were the creation of:

  • Hillsound
  • WorkCycles
  • Rocket Pure
  • Publiqly (to be launched soon)
  • Goedbevallen

Non Screen Pastime

In his spare time he likes to do things with his family, run a few blocks, or travel some more of course. Plenty of places to go to after all. Together with his family he would love to visit Southern America, Japan, and China. And India, the Philippines, Australia to visit his partners of course!