ClickWize Multimedia, Webdesign and Online Marketing consists of a distributed team. We work with a global team located in different parts of the world. Our two main offices are in Dubai and Australia. Check out our short intros on all the members below. You can come back and see how our team is growing slowly over time to meet our clients needs.



Product Launcher & Security Geek

MM(Swin), BBIS(VU) Damien is a full stack developer (Jack-of-all-trades) like most of his partners are. He has over 15 years of experience in: Web Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media and Marketing Plans Web Security Web Hosting General IT Wizardry Best Work Projects he is proud of are many, but … Read More


Web Developer and Partner

Jasper is the founder and owner of Imagewize Webdesign and Online Marketing for SME. A company he set up in Hong Kong in 2009 as a truly global and distributed company. He has been building great web apps with WordPress for 14+ years from different locations all over the world. … Read More


Graphic Designer

Bachelor of Design With over ten years industry experience, Harklund has worked with national and international companies including prolific and award winning artists, designers and authors. Owing his success to his meticulously balanced eye for design and illustration, Harlund’s ability to concieve a spectrum of visual solutions cover print to … Read More