Since the 1990s groups of origami enthusiasts have been gathering together regularly to share the joy of origami with each other. Some of our members have been acknowledged as origami experts internationally, some have published origami books or have had their models published in origami magazines or convention booklets. In addition, our members have been involved in origami education and science research.

From 2003 onwards our members have been involved in organizing 6 national conventions in Melbourne, garnering significant international attention. In addition, we have been involved in local origami exhibits and teaching workshops for local community groups and schools. Since 2014 our group has been registered as a not-for-profit incorporated association in the state of Victoria, and we continue to promote all aspects of origami in the state and nationally.


ClickWize has supported the Melbourne Origami Group with various free services, including online marketing and web development. This includes;

  • a responsive website that promotes their group and community work
  • displaying upcoming events with links to social media channels
  • a member directory with a small gallery for each member’s work
  • advice for server work and future website planning
  • ongoing website security and maintenance
  • regular meetings to discuss improvements and tutorials for members in website admin use (need to say how this is part of my regular handover to my clients)



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