Website security

What is Website Security?

Website security can be complex or confusing especially in an ever-evolving landscape. Website security consists of the measures taken to secure a website from cyber attacks. Website security is an ongoing process and an essential part of managing a website. A properly secure and maintained website not only gives confidence to your clients but also gives you peace of mind.

What happens to a hacked website?

Hacked websites can ;

  • be part of a group of websites used to attack other websites
  • auto create fake web pages that promote scam products or services
  • be used to send spam emails
  • have all website contents deleted
  • have financial data stolen
  • slow down website traffic
  • redirect all website traffic to another website
  • be blacklisted by Google
    • if a customer searches Google they may see “This site my be hacked”
  • and more…

How can I find out if my website is hacked?

A hacked website will commonly either not display correctly or will work but very slowly. In addition you may see a message from Google when conducting a search for your website in the results. Google Chrome and other modern web browsers (depending on your Anti Virus / Internet Security software) can have website scanning and tell you that you are visiting a hacked / phishing website. Finally sometimes there are no clear visual way to know in which case a website virus scan may tell you.

There are many online virus scanners that can give you an indication some are free others are paid with a monthly/yearly subscription.

We can discuss this with you in further detail and will be part of the summary we will give you should you request a website audit.

Website security

Website Security Audit

We will assess your website’s current security, outdated server technology, design issues and security holes and provide you with a summary of the issues we find. In addition we can also check your PC and phone and suggest to you how to improve your online security practices.

How long does it take to clean my website?

This is difficult to answer. It can take as little as a few days to as long as 6 to 12 months. If Google and other search engines have discovered your website was hacked and has blacklisted your website or virus links were sent to google from the virus on your website this can be a lengthy process taking months to clear. As a worst case scenario example we had a client with over 150,000 of scam links sent to Google via their website. It took us close to 6 months to remove them from Google’s servers and to repair their online reputation.

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