What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process to improve and optimise how a web site is ranked in Search Engines. The aim is to be well ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo for your specific keywords and terms. The ranking depends on the keywords and website content, the process could take months or even years to get  a client’s website on the top page.

Many SEO companies claim to get you on the first page of any search engine even Google but they don’t say for how long! Think about this, your competitors are already online and have been for while and have also used SEO companies. How is their ranking? How can everyone be on the first page in the first position?

In practice your company like any company which has SEO can be on the first page, but there are procedures which need to be followed in order to keep ahead. We will not only improve your site’s Search Engine Optimisation but also guide you on how you can continually improve your business’s web site and its associated search engine ranking!

SEO - Search engine optimization

Why is it important for my business?

More than 95% of customers will search for a local business online through Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engines. It is hard to get targeted traffic online for most businesses and websites these days. There are thousands of new websites being added to Google and Yahoo. However, most customers will only check the websites on first 3 pages in a search engine, the chance of a website being selected, on the first page is 50 times more than the websites are found over the next 10 pages. If your business relies on people finding you online rather than printed advertisements, then SEO is a must! As an example, your window is broken and you need a glazier, as a typical person you will go directly to Google and search for a local glazier rather than go to your Yellow Pages Book or search through your local newspaper.


How we can help

Choosing the appropriate Keywords

Having accurate keywords to your web site is the first and most important step for doing SEO. At ClickWize web design Melbourne we work close with our clients and help them choose the appropriate keywords. We have the best web design team to analyse your competitors and test typical web users to find the best keywords to match your particular business.

Social Websites

Social Websites are not only for fun and meeting friends. More and more business are found through Facebook, Twitter and other social websites. Businesses are improving their ranking, SEO and connecting with their clients better with using Social Media. ClickWize web design Melbourne has the best team to help you correctly set up your social website account to meet your ideal target audience.

Update Regularly

Although Google or Yahoo cannot judge if a website has good content, the web site with the most recent updates will usually have higher ranking positions than websites which haven’t been updated for a while. As part of an SEO package from ClickWize web design Melbourne we will keep tracking your websites and maintain them to ensure they have regular updates.

Great content

Adding appropriate content with the correct targeted keywords is the next step. If a site keeps repeating a single keyword or sentence this can actually have a negative affect with search engines. All site content must be connected and be meaningful with the same keywords and links. At ClickWize web design Melbourne we help our clients to improve their content in their website. This is not only good for search engines to find your website online, but also it will help your customers to understand more about your company, products and services.


How do search engines find a new website? Through links. Whether a link is to another website or another website linking to your website. Each link is actually helping your website to get a higher ranking position. ClickWize web design Melbourne will ensure your website has appropriate links to match the content.

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