Desex the West

Why was WCD created? Many thousands of cats and kittens lose their lives in Australian animal shelters every year. Cats start breeding by 4 months of age and can have three litters a year with 3-5 kittens. If left un-desexed, one female cat and her offspring, can produce 2,000 kittens in 4 years. The main reason people don’t desex their cats is because they can’t afford it.

WCD is a non-profit preforming Vaccinations, Desexing, Microchipping and Health Checkups at a low price. They have volunteer programs and help the community.

They requested a website that can promote their services and community work, accept donations, show pricing and provide information to help with after procedure care. The website display is mobile friendly and is just as responsive on tablets as it is on desktops. Additionally they wanted a way to show their team photos and each team member’s background.

Click on their website at

Project Features

  • CMS Custom Designed Web Site
  • Responsive mobile friendly layout
  • Animated Banner
  • Web Forms with security
  • Google Map
  • Team Page / Member Popup
  • Donation function
  • Customised blogging layout including video and image gallery
  • Easily updatable Fees tables
  • Upgraded security
  • IT and Website Maintenance

Client Basic Info

  • Project Type: Web Design
  • Client: Westside Community Desexing
  • Client Industry: Animal Welfare / Non-Profit
  • Project Year: 2020-Ongoing
  • Website: